About OES

Orleans Elementary is a small community school located in the rural Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  We serve approximately one hundred Kindergarten through eighth grade students from our small village and nearby Westmore.  We are part of the Orleans Central Supervisory Union and one of six K-8 schools that make up the Lake Region Unified Elementary and Middle School District.  Our students attend Lake Region High School.

Our school community has high academic expectations for all students and we provide a variety of supports to help them succeed as independent confident learners.  Our programs are also designed to help all students become good citizens within the school and outside communities.  We work to create an interesting learning environment where students are encouraged to take responsibility and to challenge themselves.  We welcome all parents and community members as partners in this important work on behalf of all children. 

Our Vision

​Orleans Elementary School is a community dedicated to fostering every individual’s pathway to success.   We provide a safe, supportive environment that challenges each one of us to reach our full potential.  We encourage collaboration, curiosity, service to others, and a life-long passion for learning.

Our Core Values

We believe in… 

  • Encouraging personal responsibility that leads to self-direction, self-advocacy, and active citizenship

  • Valuing the rights, dignity, and individuality of all members of the community 

  • Embracing each person’s unique abilities and incorporating creativity and self-expression into learning

  • Striving for full engagement and a growth mindset to foster perseverance, positive risk-taking, and a strong work ethic

  • Emphasizing partnerships between home, school, and the community  

  • Sharing a sense of humor and the joy of learning 

Our History

The building that houses Orleans Elementary School was originally Orleans High School (OHS), built in 1922, with the elementary school located down the street on the lot currently occupied by the Orleans Federated Church.  In 1967, OHS closed to be replaced by Lake Region Union High School to serve students from multiple communities, with the elementary school relocating to the OHS building. 
Orleans Elementary School expanded in the summer of 1991 to add on a new gymnasium, cafeteria, and library, as well as well renovating and expanding classrooms.  Since then, the community had dedicated itself to maintaining the historical, small-town feel of the school while also investing in modern technologies, cleaner energy, and updated facility needs to provide our students with a wholesome yet modern environment to thrive in. 
Over the years, many students have come through the doors of Orleans Elementary Schools.  Students have found success through a variety of venues (academics, athletics, community service and civic duty), and we are always glad to learn of their lifelong celebrations.
To learn more about the history of Orleans and the school, please click here to visit the Orleans County historic society
 or the Orleans Landmark Project, which is a website devoted to the history of historical sites across Orleans that was created by 5th and 6th graders as part of their Humanities class at OES.